Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today was "SNOW" much FUN

Alright everyone, can you keep a secret?  Don't tell my grandmas, okay?  They would get pretty mad at mommy and daddy if they knew that I went SLEDDING today!!  It was my first time ever and I think I loved it so much that we better go tomorrow.

Lately, my brain has been telling my body to move and wiggle A LOT.  This is called CHOREA and I don't like it at all.  In fact, when my body starts wiggling so much, I cannot focus very well and get really stressed.  Well, guess what the cure is?  SLEDDING.  Yup, you guessed it folks.  Mommy and Daddy have been really good at distracting me lately from all of my wiggles.  They toss me up in the air, swing me to and fro, and bounce me up and down on a big exercise ball.

 Since Omaha has received so much snow, M & D just knew that I would be up for some more adventure today.  So when my wiggles started, Daddy bundled me up in my snowsuit and away we went!  We climbed the largest mountain I have ever seen.  Once we got to the top, you could see for miles!  Daddy cuddled me into his chest as we got prepared to go down the hill on our sled.  He was laughing and it made me so happy.  Before you know it, we were flying so fast down the hill that not even Kusaba (my doggie) could catch up with us.  Snow was spraying up into the air and the breeze was so cold, but it felt so good.  Daddy could tell that I wanted to go again so away we went!  This time, Mommy came on our sled.  She was a nervous wreck, but I told her to not be such a sissy pants.  We had such a fun time zooming down that hill.  I think my ear's are still ringing from Mommy screaming so much.

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  1. SNOW much fun! I bet that helped the wiggles get out:) Of all of you!