Saturday, June 30, 2012

Update for the week of June 30, 2012

So this week I have been feeling pretty down.  I have been in HORRIBLE pain for about 7 days straight.  In fact, I'm in so much pain that when ever I am awake I am crying.  The only time I get a break is when I am asleep.  I wish so bad that I could tell mommy and daddy what is wrong, but they just don't understand.  We visited my doctor this last week a couple of times to try and get an idea of what was going on with me.  She had some good ideas, and worked really hard to talk to my awesome neurologist back in Utah to try and figure some stuff out.  Now M&D are putting different looking things in my feeding tube, so I think they must be giving me some different drugs.  I hope they make me feel better soon. My grandma B came to visit for a few weeks and I haven't felt like being good for her yet because I've been in so much pain.  I think this week will be a better one though.  Keep me in your prayers, because I need all the help I can get.

On a lighter note, I got to see some really cool places this week.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did.  Again, thanks so much to everyone that is willing to think of me while you are away.  It really means a lot to me and my parents.

The Gerritson's took me to visit President Gordon B. Hinckley's grave 

I got to go to Seattle Washington with the John's family.  How lucky!

I visited Jackson Hole, Wy with the Mcconnel's

I went to California with the Harris family.
We stopped in Pismo beach and El Capitan state beach.

I went boating with the Sorenson's at Huntington Reservoir in S. Utah
I watched some Jets land with John Edward Tantillo (JET)
Unfortunately their shirts hadn't come in yet, but thanks so much for still thinking about me

I was also able to see the amazing ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru, with the Harris family

Lastly, I was able to catch some rays on the banks of the Missouri River outside of Bismark ND.

Thanks again to everyone that thought of me this week.  All of your thoughts and prayers are helping me feel better.
Hopefully my next update will be filled with great improvements as well as amazing travel destinations.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jacob's Song

Hi everyone, This is Jett's dad Cody.  He gave me his password and told me I could write on here under his supervision… So he is sitting on my lap proof reading everything I type.  Just a quick warning, I'm not usually a sappy/emotional person, but I may be a little bit here.

We have felt very very fortunate the last couple of weeks to have been able to share Jett's story with as many people as we have.  Not only have we been able to sell some Jett t-shirts and send him on his way to see the world, we have been incredibly touched by the gracious, kind-hearted, selfless acts that so many people have done for us.  Jett has a very special ability to touch those around him, we have known since he was born but it has been reiterated very boldly lately.  I wish I had time to send a personal "thank you" to every single person that has bought a T-shirt, donated money, said a prayer, traveled with Jett on your heart (or mind), spent time with us (we need real adult interactions too), or just thought about our family.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Throughout the last couple weeks Jett has gained an Omaha grandma, been adopted by a professional baseball team, visited Glenn Beck, been on TV, and most of all he has been told some stories of some fellow angel babies.  Jett is an amazing little boy, he is literally my hero.  He has put up with more in his short life than I have in my 28 years here.  He is very unique.  At the same time I feel like I have been given this opportunity to not only share Jett's story with the world, but stories of other amazing little children that endure incredible obstacles.  I would like to periodically "hijack" Jett's blog to share some of the stories that I am privileged to.

Today I want to tell you about a little boy named Jacob.  He was born with a very serious heart problem.  His parents were told that he wouldn't survive very long, so they should take him home and enjoy the time they had.  As I can relate, the parents weren't okay with that answer.  They found someone in Boston that could help them.  Jacob was able to get his original heart problem fixed by the doctors there.  Unfortunately, due to other complications Jacob didn't make it past 3 months.  As the family prepared for Jacob's funeral, his Aunt was inspired to write this poem.  She claims that she didn't write it, but Jacob did.  She was only the conduit for Jacob to pass on his words of comfort.  I don't doubt this for a second.  These words weren't written by someone mortal, they are too perfect.

Jacob's Song

Mommy I am with you,
In every breath you take today.
Daddy I am by your side,
I will help steady your way.

Logic can’t explain
How I can be with you,
But in your heart you feel it,
With absolution it is true.

Though my time on earth was limited,
I came to strengthen you.
My short life was miraculous,
A gift from God to you.

My heart was sick,
But my spirit was Bold,
So much bigger, 
Than my little body could hold.

I know how much you love me,
How you begged for me to stay.
You fought with all your strength,
But in that moment I heard God say…

Jacob it is time…
This life is not for you.
Come home now son I need you,
Your work on earth is through.

I didn’t want to leave you,
But I knew you would be strong.
We are forever family,
You are my Dad, you are my Mom.

I’ll wait and watch over you,
Your angel I will always be.
And when your mind is still,
You will have the eyes to see.

This life is but a moment,
We will be together soon.
So PLEASE have peace, PLEASE have joy,
I am your son, your little man,
Love your sweet baby boy!

Thank you to Jacob's dad for sharing this with me.  I think Jacob is one of Jett's many angels that visits him, and one day they will get the opportunity to hang out together in their perfect little bodies.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My travels for this week

I had A LOT of fun this week.  I got to do a lot of traveling.  I think I'm going to start posting my travel pictures once a week, and if I find any time between travels I'll post about what I have been up to.  So without further adieu:

The Wells Fargo Bank crew that has been helping us with the shirts

This is Diane Wilson, She took me Madrid Spain

This is the second time I got to run the Wasatch Back Ragnar race.  This time I did it with Janiel

I got to go to a couple of places with the Allen Family.  Here I am in Jamestown CA.

Here we are in Reno, NV

I went of the "Wild Hogs" ride with grandpa and his friends.  He I am in Vernal Utah

Here I am with the whole wild hogs crew in Carbondale Colorado

 Trek... A long hard re-enactment of the pioneers trek across the plains.  I was out here for several days with Shannon and Greg Boseman as well as their "family" for the trip.  Man that was hard... Poor pioneers

I got to hang out with my friends the Neslens.  Then we went home and build some Lego's. Awesome

I went to my first Museum, the Treehouse museum, with the Reid girls

Rock climbing in San Francisco with aunt and uncle Chad and Christy
And I hiked 10+ miles through the wind rivers in Wyoming with Kathy J

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH to everyone that is thinking of me.  I am having so much fun seeing where I get to travel to.  I have already done so much more in this life that anyone thought was possible.

Now just a quick update on me.  I spent a couple of days in the hospital this week.  We don't go to the hospital very often because my house is pretty much set up like a hospital, and my mommy is the BESTEST nurse ever.  But this time I was feeling crummy enough that M&D thought we should go hang out there.  I have been having a lot of "seizures" lately, plus sometimes I randomly wake up in huge amounts of pain and nothing helps me feel better.  I spent 3 days in the hospital, had a lot of tests done, met with a lot of doctors, caught up on my sleep, and enjoyed the view from my bed.  Unfortunately none of the doctors really know what is going on.  My condition is rare enough that you run in to a lot of unknowns, and these issues apparently fall under that category.  Anyway, I am feeling better and I love being back home.  Thanks for everyone's concern.

Lastly, I want to introduce you to another angel baby friend of mine.  Her name is Presley.  She has a condition called SMA-RD, which similar to me, will take her from this world sooner than she should go. I know that she has angels all around her because I can see them helping her fight.  I haven't ever met Presley in person but she has an amazing story with some amazing parents.  Check out their story here

Monday, June 18, 2012

Let the travels begin…wahoo!

Okay everyone…are you ready for some fun?  I have been one busy boy this week and have had some amazing opportunities.    My mommy and daddy are so grateful that I am able to see the world through your eyes.  I don't know any other 6 month old who have been able to do what I do!  Heeeere weeeee gooooooooo….

I got to feed the deer with the carter's, went to Spain with Baylee, ate delicious BBQ with Brandon, flew around Lake Powell with the Brackens, ran Ragnar with the Harmon's, ice skated with the Mcneil's, and went to London with Arielle.  Wow, that was a busy week.  Thanks everyone for taking me with you.  This traveling thing is FUN!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my DADDY on Father's Day

I want to tell you about my daddy today.  He is the coolest guy I know and I am the luckiest boy in the world to have him.  When I was born, I came with a few surprises.  I had to spend a lot of time in the hospital so that the doctors could figure out why I was a little different than other kids.  My daddy is one busy guy and is going to school so that he can take care of people's teeth.  Even though he was busy and a little stressed and scared, he was able to spend every single day at the hospital with me without missing one day of school.  He must really love me! From what mommy tells me, he ended up getting awesome grades even though it was a very stressful time for everyone.  What a guy.

I LOVE spending time with my daddy.  He tells me the best Strawberry Jones stories and also plays the guitar for me.  Sometimes I get really sad and the only person that will make me feel better is my daddy.  He takes me on long walks and lets me feel the wind on my face.  By the time we come back home, I am one sleepy baby.  This makes mommy very happy.

I know that mommy loves daddy so much.  She tells me all the time.  We talk about how daddy flies airplanes, does tricks on his wakeboard, and fixes things around the house.  We talk about how hard he works and how much he loves both of us.  We can't wait for him to get home each day from school because he brightens our day and makes everything better.

Daddy was meant to have me in his life.  In fact, I chose him to be my daddy when I was in heaven.  I knew that he would be accepting of my differences and embrace them.  Every time he looks at me, I can see the love in his eyes.  I definitely made a good choice.  I am not the easiest baby to take care of, but my daddy loves me for ME.  He is so positive, funny, and kind.  I learn a lot from him.

I know my daddy had hopes and dreams of having a son that would run and play and climb up on his knee.  A son that could work on airplanes and cars just like he does.  My little body isn't quite strong enough to do those things right now, but it will be someday!  I will have eventually have a body that matches my strong spirit and be able to do EVERYTHING with daddy. 

Daddy, you are the best.  I LOVE YOU!

Love, Your Little Jett Man

Friday, June 15, 2012

Service With My Friend

Most of my travels, as you will see, are just for fun.  Sometimes, though, I like to work hard and help those in need. It gives me warm fuzzies and helps me forget about the challenges that I face each day.  This past week, my friend, Brad Mitchell, took me along to do some service projects.  He wrote me a special letter afterward and I want to share it with you all!

Dear Jett:

I wanted to take a moment and write you a small letter to express my appreciation for the wonderful little boy that you are.  I wore you shirt today and I believe that I had an opportunity to get to know you by doing so.  After I pulled your shirt on I thought to myself, “what a great day to wear this for Jett, it will be a day full of service and doing good things for good people.”  I did not realize how much this decision would impact my life.  I feel that I got to know you today.  It seemed to me that you had an opportunity to live vicariously through me for the day and that we could do anything that you wanted.  Little did I know that you would keep me so busy.  We traveled from service project to service project.  I was amazed at how many people needed our help today.  We cleaned the church, moved the Rushforth family, fed the missionaries lunch, moved water totes for the Sherman family, picked up furniture and delivered it for the Rushforth family, found and caught up with an old friend that helped us move the furniture, and cooked and made dinner for the missionaries.  In all we stared about 8:30 this morning and finished at 8:30 this evening.  It was a fantastic day and I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to share it with you.  I believe that you have a heart overflowing with love for others, hands skilled for service, and legs that carry a burning desire to share it with everyone you meet.  I know this because I felt it all day long.  I felt it more that I ever have in my life.  And now I have a new favorite shirt with the name of my friend that I have never met, but one that I am grateful and proud to wear on my chest.  I have a shirt that I never want to take off because I had experiences sent from our Heavenly Father and I know, that if I keep wearing it, more will come.  I feel like I have a purpose with your shirt and that is to help you experience all the good life has to offer.  Today was service to others and I look forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store.  All this has taught me a great lesson.  I have learned today, that work and school (“life”) can wait while we tend the Lords vineyard and somehow it will be just fine.  Jett, I want to share with you my greatest appreciation and admiration.  I believe that you have touched more lives in a few months than many of us could in 10 lifetimes.  Thank you, my friend; for all that you have shared with me.  I look forward to greater tomorrows and a hopeful opportunity to meet you in person.  Till then, God speed, and Adieu.

Your Friend,

Brad Mitchell

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jet Fighter Pilot vs. Fighter Jett Pilot

Earlier this week I got to go on a short trip to Dallas to visit my new friend Glenn.  Because I can get sick so easily, and for me a simple cold is pretty scary, I had to wear my O2 mask in the airplane.  As I was sitting there with my oxygen on, I started thinking about how my daddy always wanted to be a jet fighter pilot.  I thought to myself, "Geez fighter pilots are sooo cool.  They get to fly cool airplanes, go upside down, use their afterburners to go really fast, wear cool sunglasses, but best of all they look REALLY awesome in their helmet and mask"

I then started thinking "I'm going to start to consider myself a Fighter Jett pilot because I love to fly in airplanes, when I arch my back I go almost upside down, I turn on my Jett afterburners many times a day (get it? haha), but best of all I look REALLY cute wearing my mask with dinosaurs"

Which one of these do you guys think is better looking, Me or Maverick???

Ok, I admit, they still look pretty awesome

Like I mentioned earlier, I took a quick trip to Dallas Texas to meet my friend Glenn Beck.  He was such an awesome guy, it was really really fun to hang out with him.  M&D were pretty worried about taking me in the airplane and traveling with me all day.  They asked me to bring all of my angel friends along to help me.  So Tuesday morning rolled around, I called all of my angels friends and we were on our way.  I know that I had angels with me that day because I felt better than I ever have before.  I was perfect the entire day.  My ears didn't hurt in the airplane, I didn't choke very many times during the day, I only puked a few times, and M&D were able to make me smile.

Here are me with M&D and Glenn Beck.  Thanks Glenn and staff!!!

I've started to see some of my friends pictures of them and my shirt in really cool places.  Daddy told me that when he gets a break from dental school, he is going to help me post them.  Thanks to everyone that has bought a shirt, read my story, or joined me in any other way on my journey.  I am soooo excited to see the world.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My flight plan is stopping in unexpected places

Most people have probably heard of my new buddy Glenn Beck… he is a pretty big deal!!!  He hosts a radio talk show as well as a TV show.  Over the weekend he heard about my awesome T-shirt and he wanted one of his own.  You can see him talk about the shirt HERE

What an awesome friend!!!  We are all sooooo excited for Glenn and his staff to be sporting my shirt.  Who would have ever known that a cute little 10 pound hunk of sweetness (me, duh!) could catch the attention of someone like Glenn Beck.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

G'Day Mate!

I have been soooo busy lately.  My mommy and daddy have been moving all of our stuff to a new house in Omaha, Nebraska.  They have put me to work unpacking boxes and fixing up the place…I needed a break, so I went with my Aunt Tiffany to Brisbane, Australia. It was just a short jaunt across a couple oceans!  Isn't is so pretty?  It is winter down there right now so we had to bundle up.  It sure was a nice break from this hot Nebraska weather!  Thanks Aunt Tiffany…I will be your travel buddy anytime.

Kisses from Grandma

My Grandma Watts gives the best kisses!  She and Grandpa have been out in Omaha helping Mommy and Daddy move in to our new place.  I am going to miss them when they go back to Utah…I sure am spoiled!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The good, The bad, and the cute

The Good:
I can see!!!  Everyone knew that I could see, but since I never focus on anything no one ever knew how good I could see.  The Dr. back in Utah did some weird tests while I was asleep for my lip surgery.  Afterwards he said that my eyesight was well below what it should be.  Because of that, mommy and daddy didn't think I could see very well.
Mommy bought me a new app to watch on the iPad and I LOVE it.  It is a bunch of black and white shapes that I can actually focus on.  Now I watch it every night.  I focus so hard sometimes that I fall asleep.  I hope if I keep looking at these shapes my eyesight will improve and I'll be able to see better.  But for now I'm just excited that mommy lets me watch the iPad when I go to bed.

The other good thing: is that I'm starting to travel the world.  As you can see, pictures are starting to come in, and I'm starting to see a lot of cool places.

The Bad:
I have been having a lot more seizures lately.  They used to happen about 1-2 times a week, but now I'm getting them almost every day.  They aren't very fun, but I'm really tired when they are over so I like to take a nap afterwards

The Cute:
Well… Thats just me.  So here I am being really cute with daddy

A few people have asked about Mommy and Daddy's blog.  It is all about them raising me (apparently they think I'm tough).  If you want to read about that, there is a link at the top of this blog.

Things I've accomplished this week:
-Learned to watch the iPad
-Personally went to the Omaha Zoo… and enjoyed it.
-visited Lagoon, Chicago, San Francisco, and went to a concert in LA
-Met my new Doctor out here (in a non ER setting… Hurray!) and she is awesome

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have now been to Chicago!  The Bradys (Heather, Kevin, Liv, and Rowan) took me with them in a water taxi to see the Willis Tower…it was SO tall.  Thanks so much for taking me guys. You are the best!


I got to go to Lagoon this weekend with my cousins Laural and Jason and B'elana and Deanna.  Thanks so much for taking me.  I really loved the views you gave me while I was on the ferris wheel.  You guys are GREAT!!!

Where am I going to go next???