Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Almost a year!!!

WOW!!!  Where does time go?  Its been almost a year since I posted on here last.  I have grown up so much, I almost forgot how to type.  If I typed everything that happened in the last year I think my hands would fall off, so I'll just tell you about what has most recently happened.  And since my hands aren't very good at typing anymore, I'll tell you through pictures.

See I told ya I was getting big.  I learned how to drive a boat
I got to go to the college homerun derby for the 4th of July with my friend Molly

After all the homeruns they lit of really bright things called fireworks.  I didn't like them last year because they were so loud, but I came prepared with ear cover thingys this year

I love to do art projects, especially when I get messy!!!

I got to travel to the Dominican Republic this year with my daddy and his friends.  So while they were there doing work, I had play the part back home!

Here they are in the DR

With the help of my ear cover thingys, I looovveeddd the Air show.  There were so many cool airplanes named after me (Jett) that I decided I want to fly in one some day!

I got a new piece of equipment a few months back.  It helps me stand up.  Today I discovered how fun it is to play with beans while I'm standing up.  Oh, and there is my best friend tigger

I hadn't been to the hospital in over a year, so when grandma and grandpa came to hang out in July, I thought that would be a good time to make an appearance. (don't worry, nothing big.  I just wanted to say hi to some old friends there)

I got to point out the funny monkey butts when I went to the zoo… I think they need to wear pants!

After all that I need a nap
On top of all those pictures, I thought you would enjoy these videos too:

This sqealing I do is my parents favorite sound in the world.  I've been doing it a lot likely because they told me that they love hearing me happy.  My daddy told me all about airplanes and he promised to take me in a real one some day, but this is pretty dang fun in the mean time!

Sorry about being almost naked… but thats just how I fly!

Lastly, I kind of learned how to chew things.  M & D have been giving me some yummy things lately and I'm trying to enjoy them.  As you can see here, when I realize that dad gave me a yummy treat I get pretty happy, and I even chewed it until it was gone.  I was pretty proud of myself.

I hope everyone is doing ok.  M & D tell me that we only have 9 months left here in Nebraska before we move back to Utah.  I don't remember what Utah is like but if its half as good as Nebraska I'm excited.