Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Travels

Hey Everyone,

The past couple weeks I have been feeling amazing!!!  M&D put me on a new drug and it has changed how I feel everyday.  Life is actually kind of fun when I'm not always in pain.  Mommy plays with me all day, gives me kisses and tickles, makes me laugh, then daddy gets home and throws me in the air… Its soooo much fun.

I've been so happy lately, mommy even let me play with a friend.  My friend Dillon came over.  He's much younger, but he tried to teach me how to hold hands.  My crazy movements don't let me hold hands for very long, but I think we got it down by the end.

Too bad I get sick soo easily.  I've been in the hospital for the last couple of days because I had a really high fever (105), thats why I finally had time to write in my blog.  The good news is that I'm headed home today. For more details from my mommy, click HERE.

On a brighter note, I decided what I want to do for a career.  I want to do impersonations.  Here are a couple I'm working on.  Do you think I have a future in it?  Any requests, let me know, I'll work on them!
Here is my best "Walter" impersonation.  If you don't know who Walter is, look up Jeff Dunham.

Here, I am trying to act like a frog.  I don't quite have the jumping part yet, but I think I have the crouching part down perfect.

I am so lucky to be able to have so many amazing experiences with all of my friends. I wanted to show you all where I traveled to this month.

The Rigby family (this is my aunt Amy and uncle Jeremy that came up with the Jett B t-shirt idea)
they took me to Newport Beach.
Its a little bit blurry, but I know we all had a blast!!!
The wallace’s took me to Disneyland.  My favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear.  It was Awesome    
Sebastian and his wife took me to The  National Monument Arch, in Valley Forge Pennsylvania    
Rich and Dot Enslinger took me all over the world.   Here are a few of their pictures
Here I am with Rich in Easter Island.  I got to see these famous statues up close and personal
Here we are in Bali Hai (from the movie South Pacific)  This place is so remote I had to do a lot of research so I could put it on my "places traveled" map.  Definitely the most remote place I have been to yet! (I hope Vanuatu was correct)
Next we went to South Africa.  Here we got to do tons of really unique things. First, we played with some really big kitties.  I think Rich was a little nervous, but not me, I love big kitties!
Rich let me feed the Giraffes

Next, Dot and I were introduced to our monkey friend.  He couldn't see very well, so he tried to steal Dot's glasses

We had to first make friends with the elephant

Then we got to feed him
Thanks so much for eveyones well wishes, thoughts and prayers.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

Also, I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to JETT MTB.  They made a really cool mountain biking jersey for me.  Over 70 people bought jerseys and are now taking me on bike rides too.  If you have a mountain bike and need any gear, check out their website ( because they have some cool stuff.  (and their name is Jett, so they have to be awesome, right?)

World Champions, Fabian Barrel and Anne-Caroline Chausson, took me with them on the trail. Thanks guys!

On another note, in the coming weeks we will have some really really exciting news to tell you about.  I can't tell you quite yet because M & D would be mad at me, but hopefully soon.

P.S. I don't have any brothers or sisters on the way, so you can rule that option out

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My first mini vacation

Last week I turned 15 months old.  Mommy and Daddy thought that I was ready to take on the world myself.  They planned a quick trip to Kansas City Missouri (about 2.5 hours away) with our friends the Bowen's.  They were pretty nervous because I've been pretty grumpy lately.  They don't know this, but I've been secretly waiting for a trip like this for months, so once I heard that they were going to take me I decided that I'd be on my best behavior.  We had sooooo much fun on this trip I can't wait until we get to do something like it again.

Kansas City is famous for their BBQ.  They have more BBQ restaurants per capita (whatever that means) than any other city is the nation.  So we had to stop and try the most popular BBQ joint in town called Oklahoma Joe's.  It was in a gas station and the line wrapped into the parking lot... apparently that is a sign of deliciousness.  M & D tried to feed me some brisket, but they were just joking.  When I opened my mouth to try a bite they pulled the brisket out... how rude are they.

Next, we went to a mall to play on the toys.  They had a lot of really fun toys to play on so dad took me on all of them.
If you know me you know that I love airplanes

I don't know why dad insisted that I go on the bus, but I didn't like it very much.

Next was my very favorite.  We went to a really cool place with loud music, lots of kids, and water everywhere.  It was so wild and crazy I didn't know what to do with myself.  

We started off in a pool that was pretty cold.  I didn't like it at first buy I warmed up to it eventually

Next we went to an area with really hot water called a hot tub.  I LOVED this, I could hang out in there all day

After a long day at the water park we headed to dinner.  Daddy got a suggestion and we tried a Kansas City Local restaurant called Corner Cafe.  Everybody loved the food there, even me.  They brought us out a huge round roll that was covered in frosting, I think it was called a cinnamon roll.  Mommy gave me some frosting to try.  It was soooo good I'm still licking my lips.  M & D said it was the best "home cooking" they had ever had, so it must have been pretty good.  My only complaint is that they didn't have anything on their kids menu that was "feeding tube friendly", so I didn't get to try anything except the sweet roll

I think this thing was bigger than my head!!!
After a long, fun, tiring day we headed back to my first hotel room ever.  I was pretty tired and kind of just zonked out for a little bit. 

I even got to sleep in a hotel. It was awesome, I got my very own big boy bed and everything

When I woke up at night I got to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy, I was in heaven!!!

The next morning we wanted to go visit some Mormon church history sites that are in Independence Missouri.  We saw the LDS visitors center, the community of christ temple and auditorium, and the "temple lot".  The whole place was kind of bizare, but M&D wanted to see it so I came along for the ride.  I did get to see my good buddy Jesus though, so that made it worth it.
I got to hang out with my good buddy Jesus when we were visiting some Mormon church history sites

This was a cool looking spiral building that is near the church history sites
After these places we had to drive to one more place before we could go home.  We went to see Liberty jail.  Its apparently a kind of important place for our church history.  I was pretty tired at this point, so I just kind of wanted to get out of there... although it was still pretty cool.

Here we are in front of a replica of the jail.  

It was soooo much fun to finally get out and travel.  I'm so glad that my body let me venture out and have fun doing this. I kind of understand what all of you guys have been doing when your wearing me on your hearts.  Thanks so much for taking me around the world.  I know I'll never make it  very far in person, but thanks to everyone that has supported me, I'm able to experience these amazing places through you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anxiously Awaiting Summer

Wakeboarding season is right around the corner, so you know what that means...I need to get prepared by swimming in the bathtub! Temperatures around these parts haven't been very favorable lately.  In fact, it is so cold that mommy and daddy haven't taken me out very much.  They say that there are too many germs out there still, so instead, they created some fun for me inside my house!  

Tonight, I was a big boy, and went swimming all by myself.  I loved swooshing my arms and legs around in the water.  I was one happy boy!