Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Couple Thank You Notes


Thank you for making it possible for me to participate in your races this year!  Inside this little body of mine is a boy who wants to run really fast.  Although I may not be able to walk or run during this lifetime, I am grateful for people like you who take the time to make sure that I am part of such events.

Friends, neighbors, and strangers who see my story and do something to help out continually strengthen my mommy and daddy.  We are so incredibly grateful and humbled by the good people in this world! 

Thank you from the bottom of my big heart!!

Dear Jason and Becky,

THANK YOU for taking me with you all over the world!  Here’s a picture of me cuddling the koala you sent…I tried to get a picture of the Belgian chocolates, but my mom already ate them all.

You two are the BEST (adopted) aunt and uncle anyone could ask for.  My mommy and daddy really think the world of you both.  We can’t wait to see you at Christmas!



  1. We just love you guys. I can't wait to see you all in December. We miss you! Your little man sure is a cutie.

  2. We don't know where to email our picture of our travels with Jett!
    We went on a HUGE trip this summer (all with Jett!) and the best part is
    one of the states is one he hadn't been yet!

  3. Byumomof4, you can email them to Thanks so much for taking him with you. We are excited to see your pictures.