Saturday, October 6, 2012

Extreme Sports

You probably could guess this, but did you know that I'm into extreme sports?  Besides running marathons and riding bikes (with all of you!), my mommy and I have done some stuff on our own this week.

We visited Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, NE.  It is the Disneyland of all pumpkin patches! It was amazing...everything from humongous jumping pillows to go-carts to the yummiest kettle corn on the planet.

I felt the sun and wind on my face as my mommy and I drove the go-carts and jumped on the trampolines.  The only time I cried was when my mommy made me play in a "sand" box filled with corn kernels.  No way, mom...that kind of stuff is for babies!  

I hope you enjoy my adventures, because I sure did.

I'll have a lot more updates coming in the next few days.  You all have taken me to some pretty amazing places.  Have a nice day everyone!  Always remember to "feel the wind in your hair" and to look for the good in everything.

Love, Jett

Okay, so maybe I can't literally "feel the wind in my hair", but you know what I mean!
I'm still working on growing some hair people.

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  1. Tennille,
    I especially love the picture of you and Jett in the corn. You look SO beautiful! Thanks for the pictures and updates!