Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just so you know...I'm a BIG BOY now.

Okay, so maybe I'm not a big boy when it comes to size (I'm still working on it), but I have turned into such a BIG BOY recently in other ways and you will see why.

For starters, I eat REAL food through my tummy button (G-Tube) now! My mommy and daddy felt like the formula that I was on wasn't cooperating with my tummy...and I agree.  It made me feel yucky ALL the time.  In fact, the yucky stuff couldn't even stay in my belly.  I was throwing up a lot.  Mommy and Daddy were worried about me.  One day, mommy started researching what would help me feel better.  She discovered that a blended diet was the way to go for me.  The formula that I was on was full of sugar...take a look for yourself.  The second and third ingredients are SUGAR!

Now, my mommy blends up real food in our Vitamix.  She puts in nutritious and filling ingredients like: coconut milk, ground flaxseed, banana, sweet potato, green beans, eggs (cooked), rice cereal, and avocado oil.  She blends it up real fast so that everything mixes together smoothly.  After that, it goes straight into my belly through my feeding tube!  How cool is that?

What's even better is that I am feeling A LOT better.  I don't vomit as much, I can go potty a lot easier, and I am a happier boy.  The doctors are still a little skeptical that mommy and daddy changed my diet so drastically and so they have a nurse come to my house every week to check my electrolyte levels. When she comes, she pokes me in the finger with a sharp needle (ouch!) and then checks my blood to make sure that I am still a healthy, growing boy.  So far, all of my needle pokes have come out great.  Yay for mommy and daddy! They know what's up.

As for the next BIG change in my life...I have a new set of wheels!  Now I can go real fast.  This is my first wheelchair and it will last me a long time (up until I am 54" long!).  Doesn't it look all shiny and new? I didn't really like it at first because I would rather have mommy or daddy hold me, but I got the hang of it, especially when we get to go outside for walks.  That is the most fun part!  Daddy said he is going to install some tower speakers and some afterburners.  I will definitely be the coolest kid on the block.

Speaking of coolest kid on the block, I have some really great friends.  They are always so nice to include me and shower me with stuffed animals. Below is my mommy's piano student, Crew.  He and his brothers are so fun to be around.

I also like to ride my neighborhood with these fun kids.  Maylee, my next door neighbor, held me tight so that I was safe.  I guess no one else got the memo that they weren't supposed to wear pants…just me!

And guess what, you guys?  I have also fit in some time to travel with some of mommy and daddy's favorite people!  Here is where I've been the last couple of months.

Cancun, Mexico with Cody and Chelsea Winterholler.  

Puerto Rico with the Winterhollers.  They were traveling fools this month!  We had so much fun soaking in the beautiful scenery and shopping in the city.

April Gordon, mommy and daddy's friend from Utah, took me to Europe, to a few places that I had never been!  We visited the sites of where "The Sound of Music" was filmed and explored the beautiful architecture in Prague. She is such a fun traveling buddy because she loves to laugh and do adventurous things.

Last, but not least, I got to go to Tribalfest in California with one of my bestest nurses ever!  Joan (on the far left) is a fabulous belly dancer and looked beautiful in all of her costumes.  She even taught me how to shake my belly!

As you can see, I am one BIG and one HAPPY boy lately!
Have a good week everyone.  I love you all and thank you for always thinking of me when you go on your adventures!


  1. What a fun update. I love the happy HAPPY months! They are coming so often now:) YIPPEE!

  2. Jett is getting soooo much bigger. Tennille I am so impressed with you and knew that Vitamix was well worth the money you spent on it! (OK, I knew that before, but hey, so cool). Of course Jett would thrive more on things that are real, rather than processed and engineered substances. Miss that sweet buddy, and I can't wait to push his new wheels around next month!!!