Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big News!!!

Hey Guys, remember a couple of months ago when I told you that I had some really exciting news... but couldn't tell you about it yet?  Well guess what, I can tell you now!

Go to www.jettpowered.com


Everyone that I know has been sooooo AMAZING to me.  You all have offered time, help, money, or just the thought of taking me with you on vacation.  Not all my PCH friends have such a great support system and I want to make sure they have all the best opportunities to grow and learn.  All the proceeds from this foundation are going to help support my friends and fellow angel babies that need a little help.

People all tell me I'm pretty strong.  They tell me that I've fought every day of my life.  They tell me that when they are doing hard things, they think of what I have fought through and it helps them to accomplish the task at hand. You guys are nice to say these kinds of things. I still think I'm just a regular boy. M & D thought it would be appropriate to have this foundation raise money through sporting events, so when the going gets tough you can be "Jett Powered" (I really like the sound of that) and make it to the end. 

We are lucky enough to even have our first event planned.  The awesome people over at FitFarm (the gym M & D go to) have organized a competition in our name.  It is scheduled for Saturday July 20th.
Along with everything else, we have a new logo and some new shirts.  You can check all that out over at www.jettpowered.com.  As you can tell we are all pretty excited about this.  So if you're bored this saturday I'd love to see you at FitFarm

Daddy has been helping me train for the competition the last couple weeks!

On another note:  Daddy finally took his dental boards and he has a couple weeks off... I love having him all to myself again

Oh, did I mention that I love summertime too!

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