Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm teaching the Dr.'s some valuable lessons

This last weekend, Friday the 13th, I had to go under sleepy medicine again.  M & D say this is a bad day to do anything, but I don't know what Friday the 13th means so I told them "lets do it".  I had to get my feeding tube replaced with a new "button", get the inside of my tummy looked at with a camera, and have samples of my tummy taken to send off to a lab.  Everything seemed to go really smooth.  They put me to sleep, then I woke up feeling pretty good.  The hole in my tummy was a little sore, but nothing I can't handle.  I was actually feeling so good, they were going to send me home that same day (something that hasn't happened before).  As we were getting ready to leave, M & D wanted to make sure my feeding tube worked properly.  Unfortunately, the tube that I get food from (the one going to my intestines) was clogged and wouldn't allow anything through it.  The nurses called to Dr to see what he wanted to do.  The Doc wasn't very helpful to the nurses so Daddy wanted to talk to him.  I heard daddy asking if he (the doc) checked if the tube was working properly before they pulled me out of my sleep.  It sounded like the doctor didn't check to see if it worked, and that was the problem.  Next thing I knew, mommy was covering my ears as I saw daddy get really mad on the phone.  I'm not exactly sure what was said (because mom was covering my ears), but I think the doctor told daddy that there was nothing that he could do.  The doc suggested that they admit me to the hospital for the weekend and he would fix the problem on Monday.  Like I said, I don't know how it happened, but the doctor ended up coming back in later that night to check me out.
Before the 1st attempt

After I changed into my hospital clothes for the 1st surgery

After my 1st attempt

Mommy and I after my 1st surgery

After an Xray (which they should have done in the first place) they found out that the tube he installed was way too long and it folded up in my intestine and kinked, just like a kinked hose.  They decided to go back in and do the surgery a second time.  M & D were worried because I don't handle sleepy medicine very well.  After the 2nd surgery I was feeling okay.  Not quite as good as after the 1st one, but I'm tough and it didn't phase me too much.  We ended up staying in the hospital for a couple more hours so they could watch me, but I got to head home around midnight that night.

Daddy explained the whole situation like this, "Its like if you took your car to the auto mechanic to have the starter replaced, and the mechanic never turned the key when he was done to assure that the new starter works properly"

I think I probably taught this particular doctor 2 very valuable lessons this weekend.  1.  Don't operate on Friday the 13th (I hope M & D learned that lesson too) 2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your work before you send someone home.

Luckily when I was asleep I dreamed of going to a lot of places with some amazing people.  Since I had 2 chances to take sleepy medicine I got to see a lot of places.  Here is what I dreamed about:
I dreamed of riding all around on a Harley with my buddy Bob Brown

I rocked out with Kevin Paige at Alfred's on the famous Beale Street, in Memphis TN

I went to Lake George, Indiana with Nicky Parrish

Kristin & Jeff Rose took me to San Diego to see the City

We tried on hats with my name
And I got to see the infamous San Diego fireworks showed termed "The Big Bay Bust"

Gary and Sharon Vasher had me in Tega Cay, South Carolina

Jack & Nancy Lettow showed me Legoland in Carlsbad CA

Jim Hoerricks took me along with him on the Pacific Crest Trail, just north of LA

I got to visit the Hampton House in Towson MD with Pat and his awesome special needs 5th grade class

I spent some more time at my favorite place, Lake Powell, with the Shields family

I also watched Jakob and the North Coast vipers advance to the little league world series.  This was in Youngstown Ohio with Elayne, Dave & Jakob Siegfried.
Here is a current map of all the places that I have visited

Thank you SOOOOOO much to everyone that has been thinking of me, praying for me and my family, and taking me on your travels.  I hope I can continue to be strong so all those of you that are rooting for me can continue to see my progress and small accomplishments.

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