Monday, July 2, 2012

Jett's "Angels"

Guess what?  There are some pretty cool people that love me…in fact, an entire baseball team!  These guys are awesome.  They sent me my very own baseball bat with all of their signatures on it.  A very nice lady named Tess Morgan saw my story on KSL and was the one to tell the team about me.  Here is her note that she sent to my mommy and below that are pictures of ME with my new toy! I'm definitely going to have my daddy print off the team roster because he told me that a lot of these players will be in the major league someday. So since I know some famous people now, that makes me famous, right?  Thanks so much to Tess and to my team, Jett's ANGELS!

We saw Jett's story on KSL and were touched by your little boy. We tried to contact the e-mail that was in the story but haven't heard back so I'm trying to contact you. Our family is a host family for a minor league baseball team of the Los Angeles Angels that plays here in Orem, Utah. The Orem Owlz. One of the players from last year is named Jett Bandy. He has since moved up in the organization to another team and when we told him about your son's story he sent an autographed baseball bat that the entire team signed. He named it Jett's Angels. He sent the bat to us to send to you!


  1. that is sooo cool!! Way to go Jett!

  2. Jett you are adorable and your parents are amazing people! We hope to meet you all in person one day. Happy 4th of July!!!