Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The ZOO, an EEG, and lots of fun travels!

Hi Everyone!
        I hope you are all having a good week…my momma has not been good about getting this blog post up as fast as I would like.  I have TRIED and TRIED to tell her.  Finally, she got around to it today and I am excited to tell you about my past week.

Last Tuesday, a nice lady from Neuroquest came to my house and put these crazy colored strings all over my head.  I was not too happy about it.  She had to super glue 24 of them to my head.  My mommy told me that the doctors are trying to figure my brain out…they want to know FOR SURE if I have seizures or not.  Sometimes I do some crazy stuff like twitch or roll my eyes back.  I like to keep everyone on their toes.  The EEG lasted for 48 hours and I had to stay in front of a video camera the WHOLE time.  Man, was that rough!  I couldn't go outside or anything (but my mom may have snuck me outside a couple times).

My mommy and daddy will find out the results from this EEG in a couple of weeks.  They are, at least, hoping that the brain doctors will be able to prescribe some medicine that will help me be more comfortable.  I would LOVE that and I hope the doctors are able to do it!

Once the EEG was complete, it took my mommy two hours to get these strings off of my head!  I was a very good boy and only cried a little bit and, man, was I HAPPY to have them off.  We went straight outside so I could feel the wind run through my hair again.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of it!

Just a few days ago, my mommy and daddy took me to the Omaha Zoo.  I loved being outside in the beautiful, sunny weather.  We even went to the petting zoo…and I touched a goat!  Before we knew it, however, that crazy goat was trying to eat my feeding tube.  Don't worry, I laid down the smack, and gave that goat a kick with my strong legs!

And lastly, my TRAVELS!  I have made so many wonderful friends.  I think I may be the most popular baby ever…and the luckiest.  You, my friends, are wonderful people.  You keep me and my parents going!  We have become so strong because of your faith in us.  Enjoy the following video of my September travels.

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