Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heaven is in need of some strong spirits right now!

I wish I wasn't posting this right now.  I lost my friend Rudy just last week, and this is way to soon to lose another angel baby friend.  My friend Isabel retrieved her Angel wings earlier this week.  She was only a couple months older than me.  She joined the group of angel babies that comes to hang out with me every night.  I wonder what is going on up in heaven, that they need so many strong soldiers to return back right now.  I know my friends are the best of the best, and whatever they are needed for up in heaven is more important than their mission here.

Isabel, although I'm excited for your nightly visits, I'm sad that you had to leave your family and other loved ones so early.  I know you, Rudy, Maia and all the other PCH superstars are rocking it up in heaven.  Save me a pair of angel wings so I can rock it with you guys when I see you next.


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