Saturday, August 18, 2012

My hometown posse

I may have barely missed the chance of living in Logan Utah, but I know that its my hometown.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. I have the BEST friends ever back in my hometown.  Not to take anything away from all my awesome friends all over the world, but my Logan crew is pretty special.
2. I am a TRUE AGGIE  at Utah State University
3. I am a Yeti Hockey super fan
4. I have a whole dance team worth of girlfriends in Logan
(more to come on these reasons shortly)

This past week I have received multiple packages from friends of my parents in Logan.  They have had such cool stuff I don't even know where to start.

If you don't know what a True Aggie is you may have to google it because I'm not sure either.  But Mommy and Daddy said that I am an honorary True Aggie because Big Blue personally escorted me to the "A" to take pictures.  Then he autographed the picture and sent it to me in a really cool frame, along with some other Aggie gear for me and M&D to cheer them on with (I hear that watching football with Daddy is going to be awesome)

Big Blue didn't stop with the picture.  He also sent me a stuffed version of him, a children's book that he wrote (and daddy read to me), along with a super soft blankie and some USU water bottles.  Holy cow, I am totally set for the upcoming football season.  Thanks so much Jenny & Burke Hollingsworth and Linda Zimmerman you guys are so nice to make sure that my loyalty is where it should be (although M&D would never let it be anywhere else)

I am a big hockey fan.  I'm so bummed that I won't ever be able to play this awesome sport.  Daddy talks to me all the time about how he really misses playing hockey with his friends, the Yeti's, in Logan.   Last week I learned why he was so bummed.  These "Yeti's" he talks about must be really cool guys, because they sent me a team jersey so I could be a part of their team.  They told me that the Yeti's will always have my back.  Whenever I put on my new jersey I get into "hockey" mode.  That means that I put on my mad face, so I don't have any good pictures in it yet.  Regardless, here is a picture of my jersey and a pic of dad in his Jersey.  Thanks to the Yeti's, and especially Matt and Abby Erickson for having my back.

Look at my daddy GO!!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about my latest group of girlfriends… Hubba hubba!

My mommy is best friend's with their coach, Kara Hall.  She wrote me and my mommy this letter below:

Tennille (T to me) and I have been best friends from a very young age. Many of the best memories of my youth involved her.  I would ride my bike to her house, and her to mine. She taught me how to craft, make Top Ramon, play the piano better, organize and even how to be an entrepenuer! Our bake sales and summer preschools were something to be reckoned with! She helped me audition and land a spot in the school choir. She all but forced me to tryout for the high school drill team (which we will get to later). 

I am the wife of an amazing husband, and a mom to a beautiful son. My life is very full, but I was still wanting a way to give back, and serve others, while doing something I was passionate about. In March of this year, things came full circle and I had the opportunity to apply for the drill team coaching position at Logan High School. I was fortunate enough to be able to be offered the position (thanks to a beautiful recommendation letter from T.) It has been another blessing in my life, and I and my assistant coach Haddie (also a friend of T's) are lucky to be able to coach these beautiful, talented girls! 

As any high school athlete knows, the year can be somewhat of a roller coaster. Some points are high, and some are low. Our team has experienced some challenges and growing pains over this past summer that really could have broken us down. I was trying to think of a way to teach the girls that life isn't always easy, but is about perseverance and endurance. I wanted them to know that sometimes life is hard, but that it's ok because with the right attitude, the human spirit is built to do hard things. 

While contemplating these thoughts, I was immediately reminded of my good friend and her little boy. Every time I am facing something that seems too difficult to endure, I go to Jett's blog and read about his struggles, challenges, feats, and accomplishments. My spirits are always lifted, and I know that if such a frail body can overcome these enormous physical challenges each day, that I can overcome my challenges too. 

The message I wanted to convey to the team was simple: "I can do hard things." 

Haddie and I took Jett's story to our team. After reading all about Jett, we gave each of them a custom Jett shirt (thanks to Amy Rigby for drumming up a custom shirt that would match our team clothing), and this poem (bear with my mediocre poetry skills):

Jett’s little body can’t go very far,
He can’t travel by sea, plane, bike or car.
His little legs will never know how to dance;
A passion of ours, and his moms, and his aunts.
By wearing this shirt we can take him around,
To see things through our eyes that would make him so proud.
Let’s wear it to practice, competitions and then,
He can be with us when we win!
But no matter what this Hi-Lo season brings,
Jett will help to remind us “we can do HARD THINGS!”

As a team we decided to wear our Jett shirts when we needed an extra "boost" as a team or individually. We have had the shirts for a week now, and it has been so fun to see the girls bringing Jett with them to practice! We danced a total of over 26 hours this week alone, and Jett has been there with us! We know he would love the music and the energy of the dances. We can't wait to take him with us to performances, competitions, and nationals in Florida! Thanks to Jett for providing us with something so much bigger than ourselves! 

T, you have always been an inspiration to me, and are now more than ever!!!


The 2012-2013 Logan High School Hi-Los:

Kara, Haddie, Colie, Jane, Mazey, Courtney, Courteney, Hannah, Haley, Amanda, Katie, Brooke, Katrina, Lily, Maddy, Yaneli, Mikayla, Erin, Makaylie, Misty, Darby, and Karlie. 

Am I a lucky guy or what?  My daddy says that I have to wait until I am 16 months before I can start dating so I'll have to wait to ask these cute girls out.  The Hi-Lo's are so lucky to have Kara and Haddie Harris as their coaches.  My mommy was telling me how good they are going to be this year and I believe it.  They CAN do hard things!!

Thank you to my hometown posse!!  I LOVE YOU ALL.

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