Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This is how I roll

I have had such an amazing load of traveling pictures in the last 10 days I haven't had time to post them.  I am working on getting them all downloaded and tagged so everyone can enjoy my travels.  So keep your eyes peeled in the next day or 2 for some amazing adventures that I am having.  I may even break it into a couple of posts.

In the mean time, while I am waiting to finish these slideshows I figured I'd show you what I have been working on.  I waited 8 months, but the day before my 8 month birthday I learned how to roll over.  I'm pretty excited because now if I get sick of laying on my back I can roll over to my tummy, its AWESOME.  I haven't quite learned how to go back the other way yet, so when I'm sick of my tummy I just scream really loud until mommy or daddy comes and rolls me over (that seems to be pretty efficient right now, so I may keep it that way for a while)

To get to the meat and potato's of the video fast forward to 45 seconds



  1. Way to go Jett! We're praying for you and your family!

  2. That was awesome Jett! Keep it up! :D