Friday, June 8, 2012

The good, The bad, and the cute

The Good:
I can see!!!  Everyone knew that I could see, but since I never focus on anything no one ever knew how good I could see.  The Dr. back in Utah did some weird tests while I was asleep for my lip surgery.  Afterwards he said that my eyesight was well below what it should be.  Because of that, mommy and daddy didn't think I could see very well.
Mommy bought me a new app to watch on the iPad and I LOVE it.  It is a bunch of black and white shapes that I can actually focus on.  Now I watch it every night.  I focus so hard sometimes that I fall asleep.  I hope if I keep looking at these shapes my eyesight will improve and I'll be able to see better.  But for now I'm just excited that mommy lets me watch the iPad when I go to bed.

The other good thing: is that I'm starting to travel the world.  As you can see, pictures are starting to come in, and I'm starting to see a lot of cool places.

The Bad:
I have been having a lot more seizures lately.  They used to happen about 1-2 times a week, but now I'm getting them almost every day.  They aren't very fun, but I'm really tired when they are over so I like to take a nap afterwards

The Cute:
Well… Thats just me.  So here I am being really cute with daddy

A few people have asked about Mommy and Daddy's blog.  It is all about them raising me (apparently they think I'm tough).  If you want to read about that, there is a link at the top of this blog.

Things I've accomplished this week:
-Learned to watch the iPad
-Personally went to the Omaha Zoo… and enjoyed it.
-visited Lagoon, Chicago, San Francisco, and went to a concert in LA
-Met my new Doctor out here (in a non ER setting… Hurray!) and she is awesome

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