Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jet Fighter Pilot vs. Fighter Jett Pilot

Earlier this week I got to go on a short trip to Dallas to visit my new friend Glenn.  Because I can get sick so easily, and for me a simple cold is pretty scary, I had to wear my O2 mask in the airplane.  As I was sitting there with my oxygen on, I started thinking about how my daddy always wanted to be a jet fighter pilot.  I thought to myself, "Geez fighter pilots are sooo cool.  They get to fly cool airplanes, go upside down, use their afterburners to go really fast, wear cool sunglasses, but best of all they look REALLY awesome in their helmet and mask"

I then started thinking "I'm going to start to consider myself a Fighter Jett pilot because I love to fly in airplanes, when I arch my back I go almost upside down, I turn on my Jett afterburners many times a day (get it? haha), but best of all I look REALLY cute wearing my mask with dinosaurs"

Which one of these do you guys think is better looking, Me or Maverick???

Ok, I admit, they still look pretty awesome

Like I mentioned earlier, I took a quick trip to Dallas Texas to meet my friend Glenn Beck.  He was such an awesome guy, it was really really fun to hang out with him.  M&D were pretty worried about taking me in the airplane and traveling with me all day.  They asked me to bring all of my angel friends along to help me.  So Tuesday morning rolled around, I called all of my angels friends and we were on our way.  I know that I had angels with me that day because I felt better than I ever have before.  I was perfect the entire day.  My ears didn't hurt in the airplane, I didn't choke very many times during the day, I only puked a few times, and M&D were able to make me smile.

Here are me with M&D and Glenn Beck.  Thanks Glenn and staff!!!

I've started to see some of my friends pictures of them and my shirt in really cool places.  Daddy told me that when he gets a break from dental school, he is going to help me post them.  Thanks to everyone that has bought a shirt, read my story, or joined me in any other way on my journey.  I am soooo excited to see the world.


  1. What a cool opportunity! I think Fighter Jett looks WAY cooler than Maverick!

  2. I saw you on Glenns show tonight and I would love to share your story and your t-shirt link. We will be praying for ya'll and if there is anything else blogging wise I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask.....your newest followers : )
    Deana(and my son Jack)

  3. Little Jett,
    I can't believe how many things you have already experienced in your short lifetime! I feel like one of the best things about our lives is filling them with good, meaningful things, and you have already done this so much! I miss you, and love you so much...
    Aunt Amy

  4. Jett and family, we are excited to have you here in our Omaha ward! It will be fun to see where all of your adventures take you.

  5. I bought 2shirts to go EVERYWHERE for you jett<3
    i wish i could give my life for this little boy hes my insperation to become a pediatric er nurse... your an amazing fighter jett... keep it up and to your parents you are super amazing parents to him! I wish my short 18years could be givin to this little boy... you are the best jett we love you here in california!!!