Saturday, June 23, 2012

My travels for this week

I had A LOT of fun this week.  I got to do a lot of traveling.  I think I'm going to start posting my travel pictures once a week, and if I find any time between travels I'll post about what I have been up to.  So without further adieu:

The Wells Fargo Bank crew that has been helping us with the shirts

This is Diane Wilson, She took me Madrid Spain

This is the second time I got to run the Wasatch Back Ragnar race.  This time I did it with Janiel

I got to go to a couple of places with the Allen Family.  Here I am in Jamestown CA.

Here we are in Reno, NV

I went of the "Wild Hogs" ride with grandpa and his friends.  He I am in Vernal Utah

Here I am with the whole wild hogs crew in Carbondale Colorado

 Trek... A long hard re-enactment of the pioneers trek across the plains.  I was out here for several days with Shannon and Greg Boseman as well as their "family" for the trip.  Man that was hard... Poor pioneers

I got to hang out with my friends the Neslens.  Then we went home and build some Lego's. Awesome

I went to my first Museum, the Treehouse museum, with the Reid girls

Rock climbing in San Francisco with aunt and uncle Chad and Christy
And I hiked 10+ miles through the wind rivers in Wyoming with Kathy J

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH to everyone that is thinking of me.  I am having so much fun seeing where I get to travel to.  I have already done so much more in this life that anyone thought was possible.

Now just a quick update on me.  I spent a couple of days in the hospital this week.  We don't go to the hospital very often because my house is pretty much set up like a hospital, and my mommy is the BESTEST nurse ever.  But this time I was feeling crummy enough that M&D thought we should go hang out there.  I have been having a lot of "seizures" lately, plus sometimes I randomly wake up in huge amounts of pain and nothing helps me feel better.  I spent 3 days in the hospital, had a lot of tests done, met with a lot of doctors, caught up on my sleep, and enjoyed the view from my bed.  Unfortunately none of the doctors really know what is going on.  My condition is rare enough that you run in to a lot of unknowns, and these issues apparently fall under that category.  Anyway, I am feeling better and I love being back home.  Thanks for everyone's concern.

Lastly, I want to introduce you to another angel baby friend of mine.  Her name is Presley.  She has a condition called SMA-RD, which similar to me, will take her from this world sooner than she should go. I know that she has angels all around her because I can see them helping her fight.  I haven't ever met Presley in person but she has an amazing story with some amazing parents.  Check out their story here

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