Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jacob's Song

Hi everyone, This is Jett's dad Cody.  He gave me his password and told me I could write on here under his supervision… So he is sitting on my lap proof reading everything I type.  Just a quick warning, I'm not usually a sappy/emotional person, but I may be a little bit here.

We have felt very very fortunate the last couple of weeks to have been able to share Jett's story with as many people as we have.  Not only have we been able to sell some Jett t-shirts and send him on his way to see the world, we have been incredibly touched by the gracious, kind-hearted, selfless acts that so many people have done for us.  Jett has a very special ability to touch those around him, we have known since he was born but it has been reiterated very boldly lately.  I wish I had time to send a personal "thank you" to every single person that has bought a T-shirt, donated money, said a prayer, traveled with Jett on your heart (or mind), spent time with us (we need real adult interactions too), or just thought about our family.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Throughout the last couple weeks Jett has gained an Omaha grandma, been adopted by a professional baseball team, visited Glenn Beck, been on TV, and most of all he has been told some stories of some fellow angel babies.  Jett is an amazing little boy, he is literally my hero.  He has put up with more in his short life than I have in my 28 years here.  He is very unique.  At the same time I feel like I have been given this opportunity to not only share Jett's story with the world, but stories of other amazing little children that endure incredible obstacles.  I would like to periodically "hijack" Jett's blog to share some of the stories that I am privileged to.

Today I want to tell you about a little boy named Jacob.  He was born with a very serious heart problem.  His parents were told that he wouldn't survive very long, so they should take him home and enjoy the time they had.  As I can relate, the parents weren't okay with that answer.  They found someone in Boston that could help them.  Jacob was able to get his original heart problem fixed by the doctors there.  Unfortunately, due to other complications Jacob didn't make it past 3 months.  As the family prepared for Jacob's funeral, his Aunt was inspired to write this poem.  She claims that she didn't write it, but Jacob did.  She was only the conduit for Jacob to pass on his words of comfort.  I don't doubt this for a second.  These words weren't written by someone mortal, they are too perfect.

Jacob's Song

Mommy I am with you,
In every breath you take today.
Daddy I am by your side,
I will help steady your way.

Logic can’t explain
How I can be with you,
But in your heart you feel it,
With absolution it is true.

Though my time on earth was limited,
I came to strengthen you.
My short life was miraculous,
A gift from God to you.

My heart was sick,
But my spirit was Bold,
So much bigger, 
Than my little body could hold.

I know how much you love me,
How you begged for me to stay.
You fought with all your strength,
But in that moment I heard God say…

Jacob it is time…
This life is not for you.
Come home now son I need you,
Your work on earth is through.

I didn’t want to leave you,
But I knew you would be strong.
We are forever family,
You are my Dad, you are my Mom.

I’ll wait and watch over you,
Your angel I will always be.
And when your mind is still,
You will have the eyes to see.

This life is but a moment,
We will be together soon.
So PLEASE have peace, PLEASE have joy,
I am your son, your little man,
Love your sweet baby boy!

Thank you to Jacob's dad for sharing this with me.  I think Jacob is one of Jett's many angels that visits him, and one day they will get the opportunity to hang out together in their perfect little bodies.

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  1. Thanks Cody! Loved the Poem. I also don't find myself "Sappy" but could not hold back the tears as I read your thoughts and the poem. Thanks for sharing!