Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 weeks after surgery and my new life in Omaha

Wow, can you believe that this is what I looked like 4 weeks ago.

It has been 4 weeks since my lip surgery/nose job.  M & D really miss my little cleft, they say it was cute and endearing… whatever that means.  As for me, I'm pretty glad that it is gone.  The down side is that I have to wear a little rubber tube that sticks in my nose, and I HATE it.  I guess it is to keep my nostril from collapsing, but it really hurts to have in.  My lip and nose are healing pretty good; Dr Morales did a really good job.  I still have some stitches in my mouth that I really like to play with, with my tongue; but those should be gone soon.  It took me a couple weeks to start feeling good again after the surgery, but I think I am starting to finally feel alright.  I've had some really fun days lately with M & D (I'll tell you about those in a bit) Here I am, you can barely see my scar

We moved to Omaha last week to join daddy (you can see my last post to hear about the amazing friends that helped us get here)  I have now been here 1 week and I couldn't love it more!!!  Here are the highlights so far:
-We are surrounded by amazing people that always want to come hang out with us, help mommy during the day, or play with me.  
-Daddy and I have been on a walk every night since I've been here (night time walks are my very favorite, they help me go to sleep)
-Kusaba is starting to hang out with me more
-I have my very own room
- We're close to friends that are near my age that I can try to play with (we are only 1 minute away from my buddy Braxton, that is a fellow special needs baby.  I'm hoping he can teach me a lot of cool tricks)

We spent this past weekend (memorial day) here in Omaha.  M & D didn't have any plans for memorial day, so I planned a tour of the ER at the local children's hospital.  I couldn't breath very good and I was wheezing and short on breath, so we all went to the hospital to get it checked out.  Turns out I had some pulmonary edema (can lead to pneumonia if not careful).  They told me I was going to have to stay the night, but I didn't like that idea.  I tried to be really good for the doctors for the next little while.  When they saw that I was breathing good again, and my O2 sats were back up, they decided I could go home. After I spent most of the day there we finally got to go home to let daddy get ready for his first day of school.  The next day, after daddy was home from school, I had some really really bad pain in my tummy and I screamed really hard.  After a few minutes, blood started to come out of my feeding tube… so we headed back to the ER to hang out with the friends we made the day before.  (unfortunately our car was not home at the moment, so we had to borrow one of our nice neighbors cars. Thanks Chelsea)  I guess I have stomach ulcers (isn't that an old person problem?) and they had perforated and started to bleed, that is what caused the pain and blood.  After a few more hours at the hospital they decided to send me home with some more stomach drugs.

I was pretty miserable for the few weeks after my surgery before we moved to Omaha, but once we got here and I got to see daddy again, despite the 2 ER visits, I have been feeling much better. Mommy and I have had some bonding time lately… she found my happy button (tickling my face with her hair) and its really to fun play with her.  She is the best mommy ever!!!  Here are some pics of us the last couple of weeks!!!

Luvin up on Momma!

Me and my stuffed Beagle cuddling

Me and my real beagle cuddling

Another one of us on our way to Omaha in the airplane

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  1. He's a beautiful little boy. Enjoy your sweet gift. God bless.