Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maia's gone home

One of my angel baby friends, Maia, passed away this morning.  This came after a long battle with breathing problems and a scary stay at the hospital.  Luckily Maia was released from the hospital yesterday and was able to return to her eternal home peacefully from the comfort of her earthly home.  Maia was only 1 month older than me.  Her parents were lucky enough to play with her for 7 months before her job here was complete.  I know she is comfortable now, and I'm sure she will be watching out for me and all the other angel babies.  I hope that her mommy and the rest of her family can be at peace knowing that Maia has returned to heaven and is truly happy.

Maia, I know you returned to heaven for the angel baby reunion far sooner than anyone wanted.  Your life is an inspiration for me and my parents.  Good luck to your family, and save me a seat!

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  1. This breaks my heart. It is such a comfort to know that families are forever!