Thursday, May 10, 2012

My JETT Logo is super cool!

Take JETT around the world with you!

  this post is being written by AMY RIGBY
(Cody's smartest and best looking sister!)  

 Help Jett travel the world and do as many amazing things as he can in his limited lifetime. If he can't do it himself, he can do it "on your heart". Email pictures of you or your family wearing the t-shirt to Jett at , and they will be able to add those places
 to Jett's "Flight Plan"!
 (you can also tag Jett Boseman on facebook)

We are selling shirts for $20/shirt. 

All proceeds are being put in a special bank account at WELLS FARGO for Jett's care.  We have already had an overwhelming response to this.  So, because Cody and Tennille would never sell Jett t-shirts, but because you are the people who would want one, I've gotten on their blog to tell you how you can get one! 

Glenn Beck's totally awesome E-commerce team is now helping us out with the orders because they have gotten overwhelming for us to fill.  Follow this link to purchase them, now "made in America"... just like Jett!  

Thanks for your love and support to the most courageous little boy I have ever met...........  Amy

Here's the story about the shirt......................

Last night we went to dinner with Cody and Tennille, Mom and Dad at Bombay House.

The occasion was to say GOODBYE to CODY and TENNILLE.

Cody is loading his moving truck today and leaving for OMAHA, Nebraska to complete the last three years of dental school. Tennille and Jett will follow in a few weeks when the condo is ready for them....

SOOOO we surprised CODY AND TENNILLE with something special!


Jeremy (my husband) thought it would be a good idea for Jett to have a logo and a tshirt we could all wear to rally around him, for him, with him, and of course his parents. Our initial hope was to print a few t-shirts for our immediate family and send them on their way.

HOWEVER... I mentioned my idea to a few friends and they wanted t-shirts... I mentioned it to my parents and they texted a few people and they all wanted t-shirts. You see where this is going... We ordered an initial 85 shirts so that we could give them to Cody and Tennille before they left, and we are taking orders for more, for anyone who wants one or a few.

We were able to get the graphic design donated (a huge thank you Sean Bates). And the t-shirts printed for cost (a big thanks to Brett Lloyd and his family).


  1. Go Amy this is a real Sister and Aunt thing to do which is not surprising for me to see you do it!
    you are awesome and loving in the best of all ways!

  2. Amy, you rock! Tennille, I would love to get our little men together for a play date before you move! ;) Jerald can get you my info if you would like to, or you can call the office and ask my mom.

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