Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awesome friend

Last night I finally had the honor to meet Lila. Lila and I know each other from heaven, before we came to mommy and daddy. She also gets to play with her angel friends when she sleeps, just like me. She has a condition called vici syndrome. (that's a much better name than my big long syndromes name) which means she will also be going back to heaven before anyone would like. we have a lot of similarities between the two of us so it was really good to meet her. She is so well behaved and incredibly cute, so I'm kind of embarrassed that I was mad all of last night, I hope I didn't scare her off with my crying. Lila's mommy and daddy are amazing, and I think they really inspire my m&d, so thanks Quinn and kristi. If you want to read about Lila and her inspiring story go here. or click on her link on the side bar.
Things accomplished:
-Held a girls hand for the first time
-Met my friend from heaven, in person
-tried(and loved) my first pizookie... Boo yeah!

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