Saturday, May 5, 2012

Messing up my mustache

Everyone has been saying I look like a new boy, I guess its because I got the hole in my lip fixed on thursday.  I don't feel like a new boy, all I know is my lip and nose hurt and there is an annoying metal hoop that sits on my face.  Most of all, I noticed that the doctor ruined the mustache I've been working on for 5 months… ugh, no more Mustache May for me!!!  M&D say Dr. Morales did an amazing job on my lip, and I guess he had to have done pretty good, because I felt good enough to leave the hospital after just one night.

After I got home daddy didn't let me have much down time.  I hate that I have to lay in one spot all day, so when M&D put me to work I really like it.  Daddy is getting ready to move in a couple days so he needed help fixing his motorcycle.  His fingers are like big fat binkies, so he needed someone with small fingers to help him.  I fetched a couple screws out of the engine then put them back in with a baby screwdriver. Hopefully daddy will let me start doing some harder things soon, but I'm still learning.  Im sure going to miss daddy when he leaves. Im glad we are only going to be apart for 3 weeks.

-I was really brave and had my 2nd surgery in 2 weeks.  I did so good they let me go home earlier than usual
-I worked on daddy's motorcycle with him
-I got to ride a motorcycle
-I went to my 1st sporting event, a kids lacrosse game, and I really like sports
-I'm trying to make daddy feel bad about leaving next week, and i think its working

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  1. We love you Jett! We're proud of you for reaching 10 lbs and all of your accomplishments!