Friday, May 25, 2012

My first Jett ride!!!

Me, Mommy, and G-ma & G-pa Watts all made it to Omaha.  We finally came out to meet daddy here, and start our new life.  Daddy has been out here for the last 2 weeks working really hard to fix up our townhouse before I came.  The house looks great and I'm soooo excited to see him.  We flew in yesterday on a really really cool Citation Encore.   Mommy has an amazing family friend that was able to help get me here.  You see, any sickness that I get could possibly kill me so I can't ride on a big commercial airplane; and I can't sit in my carseat, so a 14 hour drive is also not an option.  Mommy had no idea how she and I were going to move to Omaha.  This amazing friend put us on a private airplane and sent it to Omaha.  I can't ever thank them enough.  They are truly angels on this earth!!

I'm missing my baby aviator glasses, otherwise complete and
ready to go!

G-ma and G-pa Watts coming to Omaha to help
I had to preflight the cockpit

Here we go

Sooooooo comfortable

I'm Daddy's little co-pilot… See my shirt even says so!
You can't tell from the picture, but I felt better during this flight than I have the last 2 weeks.
I guess I was just born to fly!!!

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  1. Wow! That must have been quite an experience for you to ride a private jet for your first airplane ride! And I think it’s great that someone was willing to lend a private airplane so you can travel comfortably to Omaha. It is true that there are angels on this Earth, and you are certainly one of them. Fly high, Jett!

    @Lilia Dyal